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Servers managed by the VyOS team:

mirror.vyos.netOpenITCPrimary mirror (HTTP, rsync)Debian Wheezy@dmbaturinSSH port 222
squeeze32devel.multi.euMulti CorporationBuild machine for pre-lithium 32-bit imagesDebian Squeeze@UnicronNL
squeeze64devel.multi.euMulti CorporationBuild machine for pre-lithium 64-bit imagesDebian Squeeze@UnicronNL
jessie64devel.vyos.netRainbow BroadbandBuild machine for post-lithium imagesDebian Jessie@dmbaturin
ci.vyos.netMulti CorporationJenkins serverDebian Wheezy@UnicronNL
phabricator.vyos.netSentriumPhabricator web serverUbuntu 14@syncer
www.vyos.netOpenITCWeb server (wiki, forum, bugzilla)CentOS 6@dmbaturin mirrorDebian Wheezy@dmbaturinSSH port 222 BlinkovUkrainian mirrorDebian Wheezy@dmbaturinSSH port 222
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