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Fixed issues
T2120 "reset vpn ipsec-peer" doesn't work with named peers
T2087 Add maxfail 0 option to pppoe configuration.
T2079 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.106
T2077 ISO build from crux branch is failing
T2001 Error when router reboot
T1998 Update FRR to 7.3
T1971 Missing modules in initrd.img for PXE boot
T1970 Correct adding interfaces on boot
T1967 BGP parameter "enforce-first-as" does not work anymore
T1964 SNMP Script-extensions allows names with spaces, but commit fails
T1936 pppoe-server CLI control features
T1935 NIC identification and usage problem in Hyper-V environments
T1934 Change default hostname when deploy from OVA without params.
T1917 Update WireGuard to Debian release 0.0.20191219-1
T1914 IPv6 multipath hash policy does not apply
T1909 Incorrect behaviour of static routes with overlapping networks
T1902 Add redistribute non main table in bgp
T1900 Enable SNMP for VRRP.
T1891 Router announcements broken on boot
T1884 Keeping VRRP transition-script native behaviour and adding stop-script
T1881 Execute permissions are removed from custom SNMP scripts at commit time
T1879 Extend Dynamic DNS XML definition value help strings and validators
T1864 Lower IPSec DPD timeout lower limit from 10s -> 2s
T1858 l2tp: Delete depricated outside-nexthop and add gateway-address
T1851 wireguard - changing the pubkey on an existing peer seems to destroy the running config.
T1837 PPPoE unrecognized option 'replacedefaultroute'
T1832 radvd adding feature DNSSL to existing package
T1827 Increase default gc_thresh
T1821 VyOS - pppoe-server
T1803 Unbind NTP while it's not requested...
T1780 Adding ipsec ike closeaction
T1452 accel-pppoe - add vendor option to shaper
T1416 2 dhcp server run in failover mode can't sync hostname with each other
T1392 Large firewall rulesets cause the system to lose configuration and crash at startup
T1376 Incorrect DHCP lease counting
T1341 Adding rate-limiter for pppoe server users
T1301 bgp peer-groups don't work when "no-ipv4-unicast" is enabled.
T1228 pppoe default-route force option not working (Rel 1.2.0-rc11)
T1020 OSPF Stops distributing default route after a while

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