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Bug classification
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Bug impact levels

  1. Critical
    1. Functional error that makes an entire subsystem unusable.
    2. or a vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to cause DoS or execute code/commands without authentication.
    3. There is no workaround or it still amounts to making a subsystem unusable (e.g., the only way to avoid arbitrary code execution is to disable the vulnerable subsystem).
    4. If a bug makes VyOS completely unusable on any supported platform (e.g., it fails to boot on it), it's automatically considered critical.
  2. Major
    1. Functional error that makes specific configurations completely unusable.
    2. or a vulnerability that doesn't allow attackers to gain control of the system but can be exploited remotely to cause functionality degradation (complete process crash or overload).
    3. A workaround may exist but isn't easy to execute (e.g., changing a sysctl option outside of the CLI fixes the problem)
  3. Minor
    1. Functional error that causes functionality degradation.
    2. or a vulnerability that can only be exploited from the local system (since all users are admin users in VyOS now, they can kill -9 any process or edit any file anyway).
    3. There is an easy workaround within the VyOS CLI (e.g., changing a config option from its default fixes the problem).
  4. Trivial
    1. Has no impact on functionality (e.g., formatting issue in command output).

A workaround is a sequence of commands that users can execute on existing systems to make the bug go away (an updated package or a patch to apply in-place is a hotfix, that's a different story).

Mitigation procedures for bugs in LTS releases

  1. Critical — immediate notification (if it's a vulnerability, a private email notification is sent to customers first), maintenance release ASAP.
  2. Major — maintenance release ASAP, but no immediate notification necessary.
  3. Minor — routine inclusion in the next maintenance release.
  4. Trivial — may be left unfixed if higher priority issues exist.
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