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Fixed issues
T1684 Unable to enable IPv6 autoconf on PPPoE
T1642 BGP configuration error when using remove-private-as
T1623 Systemd reports dependency cycle during boot
T1616 'renew dhcpv6 interface <interfaceName>' command fails, but work within config session
T1613 IPv6 traffic is not captured by NetFlow sensor (pmacct/NFLOG)
T1605 L2tp over IPsec not working in Crux
T1598 New implementation of the resolv.conf and hosts update mechanism
T1587 New implementation of "monitor interface"
T1576 show arp interface <interface> does not work
T1571 show log vpn ipsec produces no output
T1559 webproxy (squidguard) doesn't work
T1554 Enable RSS (Receive Side Scaling) and Multiqueue for Intel drivers
T1551 Error when creating QinQ interface without earlier sets firewall name, if it used
T1543 Add a source address/interface option for commit archive connections
T1542 static-host-mapping entries broken after reboot
T1541 Error when committing dhcpv6-relay configuration.
T1540 Static-host-mappings disappear from /etc/hosts after a while
T1537 Help text missingg for "service dns"
T1531 Several bugs in cluster configuration
T1530 vyos 1.2.1 "set system syslog global archive file" don't work
T1529 BGP unnumbered is not working with a vif interface
T1527 Typo in dhcpv6-server description
T1526 [SNMP] write documentation for snmp script extension
T1524 Add support to set allow-from network in DNS forwarding
T1503 Add functions for commit lock checking
T1472 Impossible to recreate group in rfc3768-compatibility mode
T1468 BGP route-reflector-client config erroneously claims remote-as is incorrect
T1465 Priority inversion in "interfaces vti vtiX ip"
T1460 "show firewall ...." doesn't support counters with more than eight digits
T1450 crux: ping * flood is not working
T1443 New "service https" implementation
T1439 DHCPv6 static-mappings not working due to excess quotes around dhcp6.client-id
T1432 Implement config write API for Python
T1431 Implement an HTTP API for config reading and modification
T1428 Wireguard: fwmark setting is not honored
T1425 No longer able to assign a /31 address on Wireguard interface
T1420 logrotate permission errors on vyatta logfiles
T1380 OpenVPN Interfaces does not work in WAN Load Balancing
T1377 BGP Weight Not properly applying
T1362 Incorrect handling of special characters in VRRP passwords
T1360 DNS nameservers from dhcp not set
T1333 pdns_recursor does not perform recursive lookups on domain specific forwarders
T1264 /usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/ improvments
T1209 OSPF max-metric values over 100 cause commit errors

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