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Fixed issues
T2874 Add MTU and TCP-MSS discovery tool
T4063 VRRP log error - /usr/libexec/vyos/ - No such file or directory
T4011 ethernet: deleting interface should place interface in admin down state
T2661 SSTP wrong certificates check
T3795 WWAN: issues with non connected interface / no signal
T4059 VRRP sync-group transition script does not persist after reboot
T3962 Image cannot be built without open-vm-tools
T3350 OpenVPN config file generation broken
T4036 VXLAN incorrect raiseError if set multicast network instead of singe address
T3318 Update Linux Kernel to v5.4.164 / 5.10.84
T688 Move component versions used for config migration purposes into vyos-1x
T914 Extend to support multiple interface types
T4077 op-mode: bfd: drop "show protocols bfd" in favour of "show bfd"
T4015 Update Accel-PPP to a newer revision
T4064 IP address for vif is not removed from the system when deleted in configuration
T4076 Allow setting CORS options in HTTP API
T3695 OpenConnect reports commit success when ocserv fails to start due to SSL cert/key file issues
T1126 Reusing a RAID from a BIOS install in an EFI install causes a failure to boot
T4012 Add VRF support for TFTP
T3946 Automatically resize the root partition if the drive has extra space
T3934 Openconnect VPN broken: ocserv-worker general protection fault on client connect
T2088 Increased boot time from 1.2.4 -> 1.3 rolling by 100%
T4068 Python: ConfigError should insert line breaks into the error message
T4049 support command-style output with compare command
T3999 show lldp neighbor Traceback error
T4060 Extend configquery for use before boot configuration is complete
T1349 L2TP remote-access vpn terminated and not showing as connected
T3995 OpenVPN: do not stop/start service on configuration change
T4047 Wrong regex validation in XML definitions
T4073 "show protocols bfd peer <>" shows incorrect peer information.
T4046 Sflow - Add Source address parameter
T3176 Ordering of ports on EdgeCore SAF51015I is mixed up?
T4035 Geneve interfaces aren't displayed by operational mode commands
T4071 Allow HTTP API to bind to unix domain socket
T4055 Add VRF support for HTTP(S) API service
T4045 Unable to "format disk <new> like <old>"
T2615 Provide an explicit option for server fingerprint in commit archive, and make insecure the default
T3996 SNMP service error in log
T3725 show configuration in json format
T4008 dhcp: change client retry interval form 300 -> 60 seconds
T2136 XML command definition convertor doesn't disallow tag nodes with multi flag on
T3974 route-map commit fails if interface does not exist
T1083 Implement persistent/random address and port mapping options for NAT rules
T1058 hw-id is ignored when naming interfaces
T4033 VRRP - Error security when setting scripts
T2076 RAID install: sfdisk change-id is deprecated in favor of --part-type
T3378 commit-archive source-address broken for IPv6 addresses
T3724 Allow setting host-name in l2tp section of accel-ppp

Known issues
T3655 NAT Problem with VRF

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