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Fixed issues
T1330 DHCP Proxy wpad url can not be configured
T1326 Enable USB serial adapter drivers in the kernel
T1322 Wrong configuration generated for DHCPv6 Relay
T1312 Allow many to many NAT rules with networks of different size
T1310 Replace system prompt with FQDN
T1308 Use of '<' in PPPoE password fails
T1305 libvyosconfig parser doesn't work when config lacks a version comment and ends at a leaf node
T1298 Use vti tunnel with ipsec and dhcp.
T1296 Image install can't install to SD cards (mmcblk...)
T1290 NPTv6 not Working / Invalid Syntax
T1285 Kernel issues with 1.2.0 & 1.2.0-rolling+201903060337 causing lockup
T1282 Configure VyOS to send syslog messages to remote syslog using fully-qualified domain name
T1279 ACPI power event don't work
T1277 Source build of VyOS 1.2.0 (crux) FileNotFound exception in
T1273 Add script profiling functionality to the config backend
T1272 VRRP is using physical rather than virtual MAC in RFC-compliant mode
T1261 TFTP-Server only listen on
T1254 wireguard generate wireguard keypair fails when executed on the iso
T1252 Extend vyos-ci Kernel Pipeline to build Intel native drivers
T1247 WAN load-balancing fail when !<x.x.x.x/x> configured in rules
T1245 Cannot Clamp MSS on Transient Bridge Interfaces - Turn On br_netfilter
T1240 Wireguard module update to 0.0.20190123
T1239 make module build for vyos-accel-ppp dynamic
T1234 DHCP relay relay-agents-packets is dysfunctional
T1231 Remove “service dns dynamic“ cache file on node change/delete
T1225 wireguard implement 'set int wireguard wg0 peer name disable' to disable single peers
T1224 UDP brodacast relay configs are not generated correctly
T1218 Static routes not being applied in 1.2 Release
T1217 1.2.0 LTS cant delete wireguard wg0 interface
T1213 ddclient not functional
T1211 Blank hostnames from dhcpd are able to bring down DNS
T1174 "system domain-name" is not reflected in /etc/resolv.conf
T1160 snmp settings allowing access via IPv6 when it should not
T1067 VXLAN support improvements
T1060 Add an option to exclude addresses from transparent wev proxying
T1004 ISO + System Boot with Serial Console for APU2 and Embedded Devices
T995 Create image for Hyper-V
T986 Please update the i40e driver
T929 Replace Debian firmware packages with upstream Kernel
T722 Add initial network configuration to the ovf spec.
T484 Rules can't be deleted from firewall rule sets used in zone policies
T166 NPTv6 is broken
T103 wrong hostnames in hosts file
T14 Provide VMware OVF and OVA

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