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Fixed issues
T2855 disabled vti interfaces still working
T2806 ipsec generates false warning on commit when local prefix is sourced from loopback
T3524 Please implement bgp graceful-shutdown
T3557 ddclient: FileNotFoundError in op-mode
T1995 "show vpn ike sa" command always show child-sas as down
T3531 policy: prefix-list and route-map names do not allow underscores in names (FRR does)
T3483 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.195
T3149 ospfv3 bfd configuration bug / typo. config applied to wrong interface name.
T3456 firewall: rules that should be deleted seem to be still in use
T3032 Ability to "set table" in the policy route-map
T2717 Wrong DHCP server pool size in statistics
T2620 Add ipsec peer-name to log to simplifies grepping and troubleshooting
T2809 An issue with config migration (system ntp server)
T3603 Wrong DHCP server pool size in statistics
T3333 "show vpn ipsec sa" reports ESP tunnels to be up when they are not.
T3632 policy: route-map: unable to configure route-target / site-of-origin
T3521 Operator user level permission for "show version"
T3569 Firewall wrong completion help values

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