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New features and improvements

  • T1375: Add clear dhcp server lease function
  • T2580: Support for ip pools for ippoe
  • T2683: no dual stack in system static-host-mapping host-name
  • T2763: New SNMP resource request - SNMP over TCP
  • T3318: Update Linux Kernel to v5.4.208 / 5.10.135
  • T3785: Add unicode support to configtree backend
  • T4260: Extend vyos.configdict.node_changed() to support recursiveness
  • T4315: Telegraf - Output to prometheus
  • T4336: isis: add support for MD5 authentication password on a circuit
  • T4346: Deprecate "system ipv6 disable" option to disable address family within OS kernel
  • T4373: PPPoE-server add multiplier option for shaper
  • T4395: Extend show vpn debug
  • T4421: Add support for floating point numbers in the numeric validator
  • T4442: HTTP API add action "reset"
  • T4456: NTP client in VRF tries to bind to interfaces outside VRF, logs many messages
  • T4489: MPLS sysctl not persistent for tunnel interfaces
  • T4507: IPoE-server add multiplier option for shaper
  • T4509: Feature Request: DNS64
  • T4515: Reduce telegraf binary size
  • T4522: bond: add ability to specify mii monitor interval via CLI
  • T4584: hostap: create custom package build
  • T4614: OpenConnect split-dns directive

Bug fixes

  • T2194: "show firewall" garbled output
  • T2654: Multiple names unable to be assigned to the same static mapping
  • T3507: Bond with mode LACP show u/u in show interfaces even if peer is not configured
  • T3714: Some sysctl custom parameters disappear after reboot
  • T4206: Policy Based Routing with DHCP Interface Issue
  • T4230: OpenVPN server configuration deleted after reboot when using a VRRP virtual-address
  • T4294: Adding a new openvpn-option does not restart the OpenVPN process
  • T4313: "generate public-key-command" throws unhandled exceptions when it cannot retrieve the key
  • T4319: The command "set system ipv6 disable" doesn't work as expected.
  • T4324: wwan: check alive script should only be run via cron if a wwan interface is configured at all
  • T4330: MTU settings cannot be applied when IPv6 is disabled
  • T4331: IPv6 link local addresses are not configured when an interface is in a VRF
  • T4337: isis: IETF SPF delay algorithm can not be configured - results in vyos.frr.CommitError
  • T4338: wwan: changing interface description should not trigger reconnect
  • T4339: wwan: tab-completion results in "No such file or directory" if there is no WWAN interface
  • T4341: login: disable user-account prior to deletion and wait until deletion is complete
  • T4350: DMVPN opennhrp spokes dont work behind NAT
  • T4354: Slave interfaces fall out from bonding during configuration change
  • T4361: vyos.config.exists() does not work for nodes with multiple values
  • T4363: salt-minion: default mine_interval option is not set
  • T4366: geneve: interface is removed on changes to e.g. description
  • T4369: OpenVPN: daemon not restarted on changes to "openvpn-option" CLI node
  • T4388: dhcp-server: missing constraint on tftp-server-name option
  • T4405: DHCP client sometimes ignores no-default-route option of an interface
  • T4441: wwan: connection not possible after a change added after 1.3.1-S1 release
  • T4447: DHCPv6 prefix delegation sla-id limited to 128
  • T4468: web-proxy source group cannot start with a number bug
  • T4510: set system static-host-mapping doesn't allow IPv4 and IPv6 for same name.
  • T4513: Webproxy monitor commands do not work
  • T4521: bond: ARP monitor interval is not configured despite set via CLI
  • T4525: Delete interface from VRF and add it to bonding error
  • T4527: Prevent to create VRF name default
  • T4532: Flow-accounting IPv6 server/receiver bug
  • T4534: bond: bridge: error out if member interface is assigned to a VRF instance
  • T4537: MACsec not working with cipher gcm-aes-256
  • T4538: Macsec does not work correctly when the interface status changes.
  • T4565: vlan aware bridge not working with - Kernel: T3318: update Linux Kernel to v5.4.205 #249
  • T4572: Add an option to force interface MTU to the value received from DHCP
  • T4579: bridge: can not delete member interface CLI option when VLAN is enabled
  • T4592: macsec: can not create two interfaces using the same source-interface
  • T4616: openconnect: KeyError: 'local_users'
  • T4618: Traffic policy not set on virtual interfaces
  • T4632: VLAN-aware bridge not working
  • T4653: Interface offload options are not applied correctly

Other resolved issues

  • T4415: Include license/copyright files in the image but remove user documentation from /usr/share/doc to reduce its size
  • T4430: Show firewall output with visual shift default rule
  • T4629: Raised ConfigErrors contain dict instead of only the dict key
  • T4654: RPKI cache incorrect description
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