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New features and improvements

  • T3971: Ability to build ISO images for XCP-NG hypervisor
  • T3945: Add route-map for bgp aggregate-address
  • T3942: Generate IPSec debug archive from op-mode
  • T3859: Add "log-adjacency-changes" to ospfv3 process
  • T3745: op-mode IPSec show vpn ipse sa sorting
  • T2108: Use minisign/signify instead of GPG for release signing
  • T1083: Implement persistent/random address and port mapping options for NAT rules

Bug fixes

  • T4093: SNMPv3 snmpd.conf generation bug
  • T4092: IKEv2 mobike commit failed with DMVPN nhrp
  • T4087: IPsec IKE-group proposals limit of 10 pieces
  • T3974: route-map commit fails if interface does not exist
  • T3926: strip-private does not sanitize "cisco-authentication" from NHRP configuration
  • T3858: Deleting OSPFv3 process yields: Unknown command: no router-id
  • T3849: Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.212
  • T3846: dmvpn configuration not reapllied after "restart vpn"
  • T3808: ipsec is mistakenly restarted after delete
  • T3796: Wireguard interfaces are not shown in op-mode
  • T3786: GRE tunnel source address error
  • T3610: DHCP-Server creation for not primary IP address fails

Other resolved issues

  • T3911: Expired LetsEncrypt CA leads to unbuildable images
  • T3862: "reboot at" command together with date does not work / weird error message on wrong input
  • T3761: Bump salt-minion to 3000
  • T3689: static ipv6 route doesn't deleted in some cases
  • T3674: Webproxy squid is stared by default without any configuration
  • T3671: Webproxy not functional in 1.2.8 update
  • T3626: Configuring and disabling DHCP Server
  • T3467: cannot set vrrp virtual-address with /31 mask when router uses networkaddress.
  • T3396: syslog can't be configured with an ipv6 literal destination in 1.2.x
  • T3341: Wrong behavior of the "reset vpn ipsec-peer XXX tunnel XXX" command
  • T3294: Images for Dell VEP platform use no default baud rate for this platform
  • T1817: BGP next-hop-self not working.
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