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New features and improvements

  • T5354: Add sshguard to protect against brut-forces for 1.3
  • T5315: vrrp: add support for version 3
  • T5265: WAN load-balancing: missing completion helpers
  • T5190: Cloud-Init cannot fetch Meta-data on machines where the main Ethernet interface is not eth0
  • T4825: interfaces veth/veth-pairs -standalone used
  • T4475: route-map does not support ipv6 peer
  • T4426: Add arpwatch to the image
  • T4151: IPV6 local PBR Support
  • T3546: Add support for running scripts on PPPoE server session events
  • T2123: Configure 3 NTP servers
  • T738: Add local-port and resolver port options for powerdns in CLI configuration tree

Bug fixes

  • T5555: Fix timezone migrator (system 13-to-14)
  • T5545: sflow is not working
  • T5533: Keepalived VRRP IPv6 group enters in FAULT state
  • T5524: Add config directory to liveCD
  • T5506: Container bridge interfaces do not have a link-local address
  • T5428: dhcp: client renewal fails when running inside VRF
  • T5329: Wireguard interface as GRE tunnel source causes configuration error on boot
  • T5313: UDP broadcast relay - missing verify() that relay interfaces have an IP address assigned
  • T5305: REST API configure operation should not be defined as async
  • T5240: Service router-advert failed to start radvd with more then 3 name-servers
  • T5221: BGP as-override behavior differs from new FRR and other vendors
  • T5140: Firewall network-group problems
  • T5006: Http api segfault with concurrent requests
  • T4895: Tag nodes are overwritten when configured by Cloud-Init from User-Data
  • T4869: A network with /32 or /128 mask cannot be removed from a network-group
  • T4855: Trying to create more than one tunnel of the same type to the same address causes unhandled exception
  • T4790: RADIUS login does not work if sum of timeouts more than 50s
  • T4745: CLI TAB issue with values with '-' at the beginning in conf mode
  • T4459: API service with VRF doesn't work in 1.3.1
  • T4412: commit archive: reboot not working with sftp
  • T4407: Network-config v2 is broken in Cloud-init 22.1 and VyOS 1.3
  • T4121: Nameservers from DHCP client cannot be used in specific cases
  • T4113: Incorrect GRUB configuration parsing
  • T3339: Cloud-Init domain search setting not applied
  • T2958: DHCP server doesn't work from a live CD
  • T2611: Prefix list names are shared between ipv4 and ipv6

Other resolved issues

  • T5557: bgp: Use treat-as-withdraw for tunnel encapsulation attribute CVE-2023-38802
  • T5470: wlan: can not disable interface if SSID is not configured
  • T5272: Upgrade OpenVPN to 2.6 in Equuleus
  • T4933: Malformed lines cause vyos.util.colon_separated_to_dict fail with a nondescript error
  • T4874: Add Warning message to Equuleus
  • T4306: Do not check for ditry repository when building release images
  • T3713: Create a meta-package for user utilities
  • T3577: Generating vpn x509 key pair fails with command not found
  • T3424: PPPoE IA-PD doesn't work in VRF
  • T2296: Upgrade WALinux to 2.2.41
  • T469: Problem after commit with errors
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