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Fixed issues
T1516 [wireguard] config changes cause an error
T1509 Support for BGP replace-as option
T1505 vyos.config return_effective_values does not convert the output to a list
T1504 DHCP-provided DNS servers are not propagated to resolv.conf
T1484 OSPF md5 key not removed in strip-private
T1477 Intel i40evf fails to load - unknown symbol
T1475 Enable Kernel Data Center Bridging (CONFIG_DCB) support
T1474 Update WireGuard to 0.0.20190601
T1473 Update Kernel from 4.19.52 to 4.19.54
T1471 Wireguard interfaces have no firewall subtree
T1469 Create forward-zones-recurse entry instead of forward-zones when setting service dns forwarding
T1464 FRR: Set explicit OSPFv3 network type for specified interface
T1461 Deleting 'firewall options' causes Python TypeError
T1455 Update Intel i40e driver to 2.9.21
T1454 Reading deprecated /etc/frr/daemons.conf
T1453 Warning: nss-myhostname is not installed
T1446 Raid install with efi can generate some warning output.
T1444 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.52
T1438 DMI board/product serial can't be read
T1433 "show dhcpv6 server leases" shows leases from wrong file
T1422 Add a utility for querying values in config files
T1419 Can't delete multiple OSPF passive-interfaces in single commit
T1400 iBGP: remote-as and router AS can't be the same value
T1390 Extend bgp config for bestpath as-path multipath-relax
T1388 OpenVPN client connections with password and certificate authentication don't work
T1387 Disabling a DHCP interface with no address displays an error
T1384 vxlan remote-port
T1379 Deprecated functions in /sbin/dhclient-script
T1378 Embed Git commit ID of vyos-build repo in resulting image
T1371 Arguments of VRRP health check scripts are ignored
T1370 Webproxy with ldap authentication don't start
T1367 VIF deletion fails inconsistently
T1366 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.40
T1359 Changing VLAN interface address from DHCP to static is not handeled in vyatta-address script
T1357 Wrong exit code produced by dhcp-server migration script
T1355 rsyslog stopped after reboot or clean start
T1345 Specify RADIUS source IP for system login command
T1343 do not remove trailing zeroes from subnets in DHCP static route config
T1336 system domain-name statement doesn't allow domain names ending in a dot on latest 1.2.0
T1335 Configuration migration issue from 1.1.8 to latest 1.2.0 regarding DHCP authoritative enable statement
T1332 Upgrade ethtool from 3.16 to 4.19
T1329 support installation on SD cards fix
T1309 allow duplicate ip adresses on different interfaces
T1274 Update QLogic firmware files
T1255 /usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/ needs to add an additional newline char
T1242 Error when setting 'pppoe 0 ipv6 address autoconf'
T1131 open-vm-tools causing 100% CPU load
T1051 Update openvpn to support TLS 1.2
T1010 improper pid file handling of webgui
T314 Unable to apply MSS Clamp with VyOS configuration
T41 Feature Request: Include bgpq3 for BGP policy creation

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