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  • T5318: Security Vulnerabilities for VyOS 1.3.3

New features and improvements

  • T5796: Openconnect - HTTPS security headers are missing
  • T5275: Add op mode commands for exporting certificates to PEM files with correct headers
  • T5187: Update Realtek r8152 driver
  • T5182: Update Intel ice driver
  • T4721: Static IPv6 Route Tags Missing
  • T4039: Rsyslog to use 'protocol23format' for protocol UDP
  • T3039: Resize a root partition and filesystem automatically during deployment in virtual environments
  • T2191: Using tallow to block sshd probes
  • T2116: Processing configuration via Cloud-init User-Data

Bug fixes

  • T6017: Update vyos-http-api-tools for security advisory
  • T5967: Multi-hop BFD connections can't be established; please add minimum-ttl option.
  • T5924: Build cannot pass the smoketest dialup-router-medium-vpn
  • T5914: CVE-2023-48795 - Terrapin vulnerability
  • T5852: Reboots fail with eapol WAN interface
  • T5739: Password recovery does not work if public keys are configured
  • T5543: Fix source address handling in static joins
  • T5180: initramfs-tools ignores firmware from updates directory
  • T4990: Commit results may not be properly saved if power is cut immediately after a successful commit
  • T4760: VyOS does not support running multiple instances of DHCPv6 clients
  • T3980: vrrp transition-script validator makes warning fatal and also causes a python NameError exception
  • T2404: Cannot change MTU
  • T1925: DMVPN is always listed as down in "show vpn ipsec sa"

Other resolved issues

  • T6014: Bump keepalived version
  • T5715: IPSec VPN: restart vpn is not working
  • T5714: IPSec VPN: op-mode: "show log vpn" does not show results
  • T5274: Add a deprecation warning for OpenVPN site-to-site with pre-shared secret
  • T4646: USB serial output console does not work
  • T4222: Support for TWAMP as round-trip metric
  • T3813: Some custom sysctl parameters can't be applied bug
  • T3191: PAM RADIUS freezing when accounting does not configured on RADIUS server
  • T2799: VyOS Certificates Manager
  • T2755: Requirements for partial interface setup
  • T2579: The root task for VRF features
  • T2546: The root task for rewriting [op-mode] to XML
  • T2452: Serial console related issues
  • T2353: Interface [conf_mode] errors parent task
  • T2223: convert operational show interfaces to python/XML
  • T1369: GCP Networking Failure
  • T1297: Add GARP settings to VRRP/keepalived
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