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Fixed issues
T3292 RIPng: access-lists/prefix-list reference IPv4 and not IPv6 lists during verification
T2891 Support to change ring-buffers from CLI
T1957 PPPoE server: maintenance mode
T3037 Bgp afi ipv6-unicast capability dynamic bug
T2564 Extend VyOS to support appliance LCDs
T3035 Allow IPv4 over IPv6 IPsec and vice versa
T2949 Vyos 1.2.6-S1 DNS Server does not restart automatically on commit
T3126 unsuppress-map doesn't work for BGP IPv4
T2902 "add system image" fails when appending XX to image name
T2841 "monitor bandwidth-test initiate" does not accept IPv6 address as option
T2959 PPPoE server has migrations scripts but the config version is not incrememnted
T2521 Need to restart pdns-recursor to check new entries in /etc/hosts
T3197 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.166
T3301 Wrong format and valueHelp for policy as-path-list regex
T627 IPSec configuration directive deletion fails, causes bad IPSec state on reboot.
T3194 OSPF redistribution metric issue
T2984 (igb, ixgbe) HW queues applied only for the first 2 interfaces
T1774 Add a show config operation to the HTTP API
T2878 LACP / bonding: new op-mode command: show interfaces bonding bond0 detail
T2954 Use kernel mode L2TP in xl2tpd
T3094 Can not specify multiple deny ports in FW rule
T3252 rpki: AttributeError: 'Config' object has no attribute 'return__value'
T3085 IPv6 BGP Neighbor Weight
T2310 vyos-cloud-init use global config to configure pass and ssh login
T3152 wan-load-balance does not show connections
T2932 The second QAT device does not start
T3016 dhcp-server: use better constraint error message on invalid subnet
T3246 OSPFv3 router ID not configured in FRR
T3237 DHCP Server Static-Mapping Validation Error
T2972 PPPoE server rate limiter allows max 65535 kbps to be set
T2647 ipsec disableuniqreqids generate a wrong ipsec.conf
T1773 Make it possible to export config to JSON
T3175 Dynamic DNS validations don't reflect supported protocols in ddclient
T3238 Update Linux Kernel to v4.19.176
T2973 tftp-server cannot listen on IPv6 address

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