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New features and improvements

  • T5661: Add show show ssh dynamic-protection attacker and show log ssh dynamic-protection
  • T5630: pppoe: allow to specify MRU in addition to already configurable MTU
  • T5586: Disable by default SNMP for Keepalived VRRP
  • T5576: Add bgp remove-private-as all option
  • T5387: dhcp6c: add a no release option
  • T5273: Add op mode commands for displaying certificate details and fingerprints
  • T5271: Add support for peer-fingerprint to OpenVPN
  • T5270: Make OpenVPN tls dh-params optional
  • T5213: Accel-ppp sending accounting interim updates acct-interim-interval option
  • T4269: node.def generator should automatically add default values

Bug fixes

  • T5777: frr: backport and upstream recent bgpd daemon crashes
  • T5763: Fix imprecise check for remote file name in
  • T5670: bridge: missing member interface validator
  • T5669: VXLAN interface changing port does not work
  • T5486: Service dns dynamic cannot pass the smoketest
  • T5402: VRRP router with rfc3768-compatibility sends multiple ARP replies
  • T5235: SSH keys with special characters cannot be applied via Cloud-init
  • T5223: tunnel key doesn't clear
  • T4776: NVME storage is not detected properly during installation
  • T4601: dhcp : relay agent IP address issue.
  • T4402: OpenVPN client-ip-pool option is broken
  • T3940: DHCP client does not remove IP address when stopped by the 02-vyos-stopdhclient hook
  • T3045: Changes to Conntrack-Sync don't apply correctly (Mutlicast->UDP)
  • T2051: Throughput anomalies
  • T971: authentication public-keys options quoting issue
  • T305: loadbalancing does not work with one pppoe connection and another connection of either dhcp or static

Other resolved issues

  • T5632: Add jq package to parse JSON files
  • T5578: "ikev2-reauth" description contains outdated information
  • T5280: Update Expired keys (2023-06-08) for PowerDNS
  • T5191: Replace underscores with hyphens in command-line options generated by vyos.opmode
  • T3702: Policy: Allow routing by fwmark
  • T3536: Unable to list all available routes
  • T2719: Standardized op mode script structure
  • T1276: dhcp relay + VLAN fails
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