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Use Kea DHCP(v6) instead of ISC DHCP(v6)
In progress, HighPublicFEATURE REQUEST


Let's consider using ISC Kea instead of ISC DHCP

Perhaps we can get more complete support through migration

This is just a draft, if we can really improve the situation by replacing ISC, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't consider moving

There seems to be no officially packaged Kea on the existing Debian package system, which probably means that if we want to migrate to Kea, we'll need to maintain a package ourselves

This is a packaged code repository for isc-kea found upstream, but only 1.7.5-1, not the latest version, and may serve as a reference


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)

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DHCPd shold be vonsistent for both v4 and v6 - running different daemons is simply bad.

@dmbaturin @zsdc Perhaps we could discuss the possibility of changing the dhcp(v6) server to a better server (and what feature changes might exist), which I hope will address the older ISC's better support for interfaces such as PPPOE and the latest dhcp(v6) standard

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ISC will be decommissioning dhcpd at some point and continuing to work on Kea:

ISC has developed a new DHCP server, Kea, which we intend to eventually replace ISC DHCP in most server implementations. We recommend that new implementers use Kea and implement ISC DHCP only if Kea does not meet their needs. The Kea distribution does not currently include either a client or a relay.

A transition plan, however long it takes, is a good idea.

I believe the ISC DHCP is now officially deprecated and EOLed:

I saw in the first comment, it mentioned there's no official Debian packages for Kea (at the time I assume).

However, I just checked and there do seem to be Kea packages - currently at version 2.2.0:

Version 2.2.0 was released in July 2022 ( - so the Debian packages appear fairly up to date.

Does that help things at all?

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all commercial hooks need to be implemented

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Add another feature that is improved if we're thinking of moving to KEA :

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Have started work on migrating isc-dhcp v4/v6 server to Kea.

Migration might cause a fair amount of breakage. Notable issues so far:

  • global-parameters, shared-network-parameters and subnet-parameters nodes will be deleted on migration (likely to be the biggest issue)
  • ping-check no longer available

I was interested in why ping-check is no longer available.
There is a good article about it here:

@sdev just for clarification do you mean "deleted" as in only existing entries but new ones will work or completely deleted?
Im asking because I do use keas global, subnet, pool and class option-data support extensively outside of vyos.
If this would stay/become a part of vyos that would be great!