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Remove vyatta-config-migrate package
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The dependency on package vyatta-config-migrate will be obviated when the following tasks are complete:

T1334 Migration script runner rewrite
T805 Drop config compatibility with Vyatta Core older than 6.5
T1397 Rewrite the config merge script

At that point, reference to the package can be removed from debian/control files.


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There is one other use of XorpConfigParser (in the vyatta-config-migrate package), that was not mentioned in the above: the scripts used for persistent interface naming; this is currently being rewritten and reorganized in T1499: 'Move nic to mac mapping out of the configuration file'.

This was discussed briefly in last week's meeting: we would like to drop this package, however, the problem remains that the two scripts in vyatta-cfg-system


rely on

contained therein.
There had been much discussion on providing alternatives to these scripts, and one of our colleagues had begun a rewrite in Python. It is time to
(a) return to these discussions, and make a decision
(b) move the

Perl module out of this package, and at least retire the package to slim down our unnecessary dependencies. As this is a sensitive point for the system, with the occasional open bug in interface naming, we should certainly revisit (a); however, I will test (b) in the interim.

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vyatta-config-migrate removed in branches referenced in:
T3161 Consider removing
In testing.

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