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Processing configuration via Cloud-init User-Data
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There are many requests for pre-configuration functionality (during deployment), including complex configs, not only basic IP addresses and credentials, available via Cloud-init now.
One of the most universal and flexible way for this could be using User-Data for Cloud-init, as it allows to add almost any kind of data into the system during deployment, even self-handled scripts, and has support for almost all platforms out of the box, so we do not need to worry about fetching data, only for processing.


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After the testing with a standalone User-Data handler, this feature was ported to the main cloud-init package in
Currently, supported only set and delete commands processing. They must be provided as a list in the vyos_config_commands option.

Commands requirements:

  • one command per line
  • if command ending by value, it must be inside single quotes: set some option 'value', delete some option 'value'
  • a single-quote symbol is not allowed inside command or value

    The commands list produced by the show configuration commands command on a VyOS router should comply with all the requirements, so it is easy to get a proper commands list by copying it from another router.

Usage example (User-Data content):

  - set system host-name 'demo123'
  - set system ntp server
  - set system ntp server
  - delete interfaces ethernet eth2 address
  - set interfaces ethernet eth2 address ''
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