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Exclude tag node values from key mangling
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As discussed in T3250, key_mangling of tag node values is a problem: since key_mangling is globally applied, it will not preserve the form of values/names containing hyphens, causing an inability to recognize or evaluate said value. For example, in the case of T3250, local usernames containing hyphens will no longer be recognized by a pppoe-server.

Consequently, tag node values should be excluded from key mangling.

Note that, as discussed in that task, key_mangling will eventually be phased out; until then, workarounds such as this will be needed.


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Perfectly compatible
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>>> from vyos.config import Config
>>> import pprint
>>> conf = Config()
>>> # no mangling
... tmp = conf.get_config_dict(['simple'], get_first_key=True)
>>> pprint.pprint(tmp)
{'some-tag-node': {'some-foo': {'just-a-node': {'single-value': 'bar'}},
                   'some-other-foo': {'just-a-node': {'multiple-value': ['first',
>>> # standard mangling
... tmp = conf.get_config_dict(['simple'], get_first_key=True, key_mangling=('-', '_'))
>>> pprint.pprint(tmp)
{'some_tag_node': {'some_foo': {'just_a_node': {'single_value': 'bar'}},
                   'some_other_foo': {'just_a_node': {'multiple_value': ['first',
>>> # mangling with no_tag_node_value_mangle=True
... tmp = conf.get_config_dict(['simple'], get_first_key=True, key_mangling=('-', '_'), no_tag_node_value_mangle=True)
>>> pprint.pprint(tmp)
{'some_tag_node': {'some-foo': {'just_a_node': {'single_value': 'bar'}},
                   'some-other-foo': {'just_a_node': {'multiple_value': ['first',
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