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Revisit storing syntax version of interface definitions in XML file
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In T1962, the possibility of storing the component syntax version within the XML file was introduced. It has remained underadvertised and underused due to a question of convenience: the mapping

component <~~> interface definition file

is not 1-to-1, nor should it be (for example system <~> system-*; interfaces <~> interface-* This raises the question of in which file to include the XML syntax version element, so as to be least burdensome on the developer. In this task, we will revisit the matter, so as to finally move the component syntax version out of vyatta-cfg-system.


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The suggested resolution is to define an include file with the syntaxVersion element. The syntaxVersion element contains the component name and version number; the including interface definition file corresponds to the conf_mode script. Hence, this defines a mapping

conf_mode script --> component name. In addition, the workflow is not burdensome:

old workflow: update interface definition/conf mode script; write migration script; update vyatta-cfg-system curver_data
new workflow: update interface definition/conf mode script; write migration script; update version number in interface_definitions/include/version

Al the processing scripts are already in place in 1.3/1.4. An example is here:

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