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Drop support for "system console netconsole"
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This module logs kernel printk messages over UDP allowing debugging of problem where disk logging fails and serial consoles are impractical.

It can be used either built-in or as a module. As a built-in, netconsole initializes immediately after NIC cards and will bring up the specified interface as soon as possible. While this doesn't allow capture of early kernel panics, it does capture most of the boot process.

This feature is due for porting to XML/Python in conjunction with the serial console interfaces. As this is only a one-way communication we can not use it to recover the system. For sending log messages to a remote host we usually use syslog.

I'd like to drop this in 1.3

Vyatta docs say:

image.png (1×584 px, 99 KB)


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Easy (less than an hour)
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Will be filled on close
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Config syntax change (migratable)
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Improvement (missing useful functionality)

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@c-po I have not tried this previously, but if it works well, I would like to keep it for kernel debugging on bare-metal devices.

A Serial/IPMI interface would be much more suited for kernel debugging.

@zsdc the current implementation only works once the system has been fully booted up and the config nodes have been process. So there is no "early" kernel debugging. It is started with priority 400 (after all network stuff) - thus I question its existence for Kernel debugging.

It would only make sense if the entire system is changed to supply the config stuff to the Kernel commandline and then send it to a dedicated MAC address target as network will be initialized late.

I think we can safely remove it indeed.

I've never seen anyone discuss this feature or ask about it, makes me think very few people use it and most will learn it existed only from release notes saying it was removed.

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