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Add the ability to use network address as BGP neighbor (bgp listen range)
Closed, ResolvedPublicFEATURE REQUEST


FRRouting supports using IP network address as BGP peer instead of explicit configuration each of them (bgp listen range option -[no]bgplistenrange%3CA.B.C.D/M|X:X::X:X/M%3Epeer-groupPGNAME).
We could this to VyOS to extend BGP functionality.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)

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I tried adding it but failed miserably. This should best be done with the entire BGP rewrite.

Here is my change for future reference:

diff --git c/scripts/bgp/ i/scripts/bgp/
index 359eb972..7646055b 100755
--- c/scripts/bgp/
+++ i/scripts/bgp/
@@ -206,6 +206,11 @@ my %qcom = (
       del => 'router bgp #3 ; no neighbor #5',
       noerr => 'del',
+  'protocols bgp var listen-range var peer-group' => {
+      set => 'router bgp #3 ; bgp listen range #5 peer-group #7',
+      del => 'router bgp #3 ; no bgp listen range #5 peer-group #7',
+      noerr => 'del',
+  },
   'protocols bgp var neighbor var address-family' => {
       set => undef,
       del => undef,
@@ -1791,6 +1796,7 @@ sub main

    # notice the extra space in the level string.  keeps the parent from being deleted.
    $qconfig->deleteConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var neighbor var', undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
+   $qconfig->deleteConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var listen-range var', undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
    $qconfig->deleteConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var peer-group var', undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
    $qconfig->deleteConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp') || die "exiting $?\n";

@@ -1805,5 +1811,6 @@ sub main
    $qconfig->setConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var neighbor var address-family ipv6-unicast'
                                     , undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
    $qconfig->setConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var neighbor var ', undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
+   $qconfig->setConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp var listen-range var ', undef, \@ordered) || die "exiting $?\n";
    $qconfig->setConfigTreeRecursive('protocols bgp') || die "exiting $?\n";

diff --git c/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.def i/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.def
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..94f1ac70
--- /dev/null
+++ i/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.def
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+type: txt
+help: Accept connections from any peers in the specified prefix
+val_help: ipv4net; IPv4 address and prefix length
+val_help: ipv6net; IPv6 address and prefix length
+syntax:expression: exec "ipaddrcheck --verbose --is-any-net $VAR(@)"

diff --git c/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.tag/peer-group/node.def i/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.tag/peer-group/node.def
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..b707f391
--- /dev/null
+++ i/templates/protocols/bgp/node.tag/listen-range/node.tag/peer-group/node.def
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+type: txt
+help: IPv4 peer group for this peer
+allowed: local -a params
+        params=$( /opt/vyatta/sbin/ --list-peer-groups --as $VAR(../../@) )
+        echo -n ${params[@]##*/}
+commit:expression: exec "/opt/vyatta/sbin/ --exists \"protocols bgp $VAR(../../@) peer-group $VAR(@)\" "; "protocols bgp $VAR(../../@) peer-group $VAR(@) doesn't exist"
+commit:expression: exec "/opt/vyatta/sbin/ --check-peer-group-bfd $VAR(@) --as $VAR(../../@)"
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