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Add options for DHCPD OMAPI
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Originally, "reset dhcp" commands worked by mangling the leases file. This is fragile and inconvenient.

DHCPD provides OMAPI, an API for managing its state, and omcmd/omshell client commands. The only problem is that it cannot limit access to it by source interface.
Apparently the only solution is to automatically insert iptables rules based on options.

I suggest this default configuration:

dhcp-server {
  omapi {
    port 7911
    allowed-interface lo


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Hard (possibly days)
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Behavior change
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Even in the latest ISC DHCPD, OMAPI still can't remove leases, so the issue is moot so far—adding options for OMAPI configuration wouldn't let us do what we wanted to do.

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VyOS 1.5 will use Kea, while ISC DHCP is completely abandoned now and there's no hope this will be fixed.