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Specify RADIUS source ip for PPP and L2TP connections
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RADIUS servers could be hardened by only allowing certain IP addresses to connect. As of now the radius client used e.g. for L2TP VPN auth will bind to address *. Incoming connections to the freeradius server will use the nearest interface IP address pointing to the radius server - making it error prone on OSPF networks when a link fails.

Instead of allowing all IPs from a router to connect to the RADIUS server, we should implement support for a source-ip node.

Freeradius-client used in VyOS 1.2 supports binding to an IP address:

# local address from which radius packets have to be sent
bindaddr *

Cisco uses something similar in IOS: radius ?
  source-interface  Specify interface for source address in RADIUS packets ip radius source-interface loopback0


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