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Show a warning if the router is going to reboot soon (due to "commit-confirm" command)
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Several times I've used the commit-confirm function and in approximate 50% times I've forgot to confirm the config changes (and a router rebooted).

It's would be nice to see a waning if the router going to reboot in 5/3/1 minutes.


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Easy (less than an hour)
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Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible
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Improvement (missing useful functionality)

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I think we can make it a systemd service that is started on commit-confirm and stopped on confirm.

Would it be too hard to hack the legacy config management script into using systemd for scheduling reboots instead of atd?

Yes, but since it won't solve the notification problem, these are separate concerns. Let's make a new task for migrating that script from atd to systems for scheduling reboots.

I opened T3285 to it. Once the switch to shutdownd is done, I'll incorporate a service that warns the user of an impending shutdown.

This PR adds the notification script.

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