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vyos-configd should return commit error on config dependency error
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vyos-configd should return the response R_ERROR_COMMIT on an error in any call to config dependency. However, to allow other dependencies to proceed, dependent script errors should be collected and returned after all calls are complete; cascading errors will be corrected on correcting the original config error once it is successfully reported.

Without a response to the originating config session, the commit lock can remain on error.

This was noticed with a default config containing the lines below; unpleasantly, this is triggered in this case by (T3275) operating on the added config stanza. Nonetheless, it reveals a needed case for managing config dependency failures.

service {
    conntrack-sync {
        accept-protocol "tcp"
        failover-mechanism {
            vrrp {
                sync-group "SGR"
        interface eth0 {
            peer ""


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Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible
Issue type
Bug (incorrect behavior)

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Recovering gracefully and logging an error is a simple fix, and will be committed in the interim while the larger issue is addressed: namely, when running under vyos-configd, a ConfigError in a called dependency script should elicit a commit error in the originating config session. Here, however, we confront again the constraints of operating under the legacy commit algorithm. To address the matter, we will implement a partial solution to T5731 so as to catch verification errors in the (first instance of) sequential processing of the priority queue and cache the data for final processing of the activation stages (generate/apply); errors in the latter stages, as less common, will be logged. The sketch provided summarizes a design that balances the needs of early and correct (verify stage) error reporting with removing redundancy overhead when running under configd.

The solution sketched above will be handled in subtask T6569; in this task we will revert to using only the local redundancy removal in order to provide per-script error reporting.

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