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Installer offers RAID-1 without excluding the USB install media
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This is not new, actually it was this way as long as I remember probably even in original Vyatta, but still in VyOS 1.4-epa2.
My hardware has one NVMe SSD (in a simple 1U M.2 to PCIe adapter, no electronics just power and PCIe connections) where I'm installing the system.
Installation goes well in general, except it offers RAID-1 which should be refused, and offers to install on the USB boot media by default instead of NVMe.

Drive: /dev/sda (3.8 GB)
Drive: /dev/nvme0n1 (119.2 GB)
Which one should be used for installation? (Default: /dev/sda) /dev/nvme0n1

On fairly modern hardware it probably makes little sense to do the RAID anyway, as a rarely written SSD is not likely to fail much more than anything else (motherboard, RAM, power supply etc.) which has no redundancy. Better to keep a spare machine around so it can be quickly replaced.
Even if it remains, I think the installation media should be excluded. Or is there no easy way for the installer to detect which device it was booted from? In that case it might make sense to tell the user to check manually that one of the offered disks is not the install media.

The SSD is too big because it was the cheapest one I could find offered as new, smaller ones were only used (not new, unknown reliability) and not much cheaper.
Could use an old rotating HDD instead, but the extra electricity used would cost more than the new SSD after a few months of use, such crazy times we now live in...


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