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XML: Python default dictionary returns wrong dictionary level(s)
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While working on T2653 and transforming the MACsec interface into a get_config_dict() approach it was noticed that the default dictionary does not obey the given XML levels.

We have a default priority for the MACsec key agreement protocol of 255, when adding this into the XML and querying the result the level is not taken into account

diff --git c/interface-definitions/ i/interface-definitions/
index 36605ab5..dfef387d 100644
--- c/interface-definitions/
+++ i/interface-definitions/
@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@
                         <validator name="numeric" argument="--range 0-255" />
+                    <defaultValue>255</defaultValue>
>>> from vyos.xml import defaults
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> base = ['interfaces', 'macsec']
>>> pprint(defaults(base))
{'security_mka_priority': '255'}

I'd rather expect the following dictionary representing the same level as get_config_dict():
{'security': {'mka': {'priority': '255'}}}


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@cpo, you can change the defaults from True to False in the patch if this is what you want to do.


>>> pprint(defaults(base, flat=False))
{'security': {'mka': {'priority': '255'}}}

We should make this a default option, not much functions using it and also it makes no sense to be to use the "flattened" dict as it can't be merged with a dict from `get_config_dict()

(15:07) cpo lnx01:~/vyos-1x [current] # git grep "vyos.xml" src/
src/conf_mode/ vyos.xml import defaults
src/conf_mode/ vyos.xml import defaults
src/conf_mode/ vyos.xml import defaults
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