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Documentation has reference to the old 'user x level admin' option
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set system login user myvyosuser level admin

which is no longer required or possible


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latest, as of 2020-04-03
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njh added a subscriber: njh.

I have just done a bit of background research to understand this change, after I noticed that the level option was deleted from my VyOS config.

The documentation originally stated:

VyOS defines what users can do on a system by having two privilege levels: operator and admin.

Then on the 1st November 2017 Daniil Baturin wrote a blog post entitled The "operator" level is proved insecure and will be removed in the next releases:

The following ticket was raised to handle "migrate operator accounts to admin accounts and remove the option to setup an operator account":

Finally the level node was dropped from user because only a single value of admin is allowed:

However I am not quite sure why the work was done against the T1948 ticket, which is about RADIUS being broken.

These pages also needs updating:

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