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Provide "generate" and "show" commands via the http API
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I am currently building some python tools, which use the https-API in order to configure a set of VyOS routers.

One of my main goals is to automatically generate a meshed Wireguard network.

In order to fully achieve this, I would need access to the "generate" and "show" commands from op mode.

Such as:

show wireguard keypairs pubkey default


generate wireguard default-keypair

I think "generate" is already provided in, while "show" probably needs to be implemented. I am not sure, if there should be a more cleaner way.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Feature (new functionality)

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I created a pull request for those features:
It is still work in progress, as I was not able to test it (yet).

I am not sure, if I should update here or at github. I did some tests and fixes with my PR. Now generate and show seem to work fine.


curl -X POST -F key=mykey https://myip/generate --insecure -F data='{"cmd": "wireguard preshared-key"}'


{"success": true, "data": "wybEjELpQ2CQYFRmTEdVc5PAxFgBCNfHJj/aDWf0qg0=\n", "error": null}


curl -X POST -F key=mykey https://myip/show --insecure -F data='{"cmd": "wireguard keypairs pubkey default"}'


{"success": true, "data": "<<censored_but_right_key>>\n", "error": null}

As this wrapper passes arbitrary commands to the op_mode_wrapper, I am not sure about the security implications.

The code is now merged. Can somebody update this task?

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This should be made consistent with other usage: paths should be lists, not strings. I will make the change, and any other details needed for consistency with model.

@jestabro you removed VyOS 1.2.6 does this mean it will not be included in 1.2.x ?

@adestis The status 'Backport Candidate' indicates the intention to include it in 1.2.x; I may have mistakenly removed the specific project (1.2.6) when I changed the status.

The form will be made consistent with other commands, using an explicit 'op' (show|generate) and 'path' as list of strings. For example:

curl -k -X POST -F data='{"op": "generate", "path": ["wireguard", "default-keypair"]}' -F key=qwerty


curl -k -X POST -F data='{"op": "show", "path": ["hardware", "cpu", "summary"]}' -F key=qwerty

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