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Convert 'telnet' and 'traceroute' vyatta-op commands to new syntax
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Looks trivial to rewrite, involves only a few inline bash scripts.


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Unknown (require assessment)
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Will be filled on close

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Please review PRs in vyos-1x and vyatta-op.

Notes and questions:

  1. Are these usages of 'nameless' tagNode valid? Didn't find other way to reproduce the original node structure as a series of node.tags. Any named tagNode in xml creates two levels of nesting. Also the root node can't be tagged.
  1. What was the point in doing hostname resolution manually in the original traceroute scripts? It seems that traceroute does that itself when a hostname is passed.
  1. Should the required packages be specified as deb dependencies in the control script? It seems like yes, but vyatta-op listed only one tool out of three that were actually used