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Support ip6gre
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I am running Version: VyOS 1.2.0-rolling+201908030337

And the Kernel seems to support GRE over IPv6:

:~$ grep -H CONFIG_IPV6_GRE /boot/config-uname -r

However when trying to set encapsulation, there is no option for it:

set interfaces tunnel tun666 encapsulation n

Possible completions:

gre          Generic Routing Encapsulation
gre-bridge   Generic Routing Encapsulation bridge interface
ipip         IP in IP encapsulation
sit          Simple Internet Transition encapsulation
ipip6        IP in IP6 encapsulation
ip6ip6       IP6 in IP6 encapsulation

The layout (kernel side command's) seems to be identical as GRE, where the validation should check if the address is a valid IPv6 and not allowing IPv4 addreses


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Hello, @kruisdraad!
IP6GRE tunnels are supported in 1.2-rolling-201909041703. You are welcome to test.

That is great to hear, i will schedule upgrade of our infra soon and add some tunnels on GRE6. Ill report back when i have info

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