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pppoe default-route force option not working (Rel 1.2.0-rc11)
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Hi All

I have a simple 2 node cluster that uses pppoe to access the internet. I can only have once active pppoe connection, so I monitor the cluster logs messages and use scripts to bring up/down the pppoe interface as required.

So I can access the internet still from the standby node, I have a static default-route configured with a distance of 200 pointing to the active router with the intention of the pppoe default-route taking priority when it's the active router.

However, pppd complains about having an existing route and so doesn't install a new default route. I should be able to force the issue with the 'default-route force' option, but when I do that, the pppoe interface doesn't come up, and I see the following error in the log:

Feb 03 21:22:40 router-qnap pppd[5131]: In file /etc/ppp/peers/pppoe0: unrecognized option 'replacedefaultroute'

This is my config (without the force option):

interfaces {
    ethernet eth0 {
        duplex auto
        policy {
            route pppoe-out
        pppoe 0 {
            default-route auto
            mtu 1492
            name-server none
            password ****************
            user-id ***
        smp-affinity auto
        speed auto

Ideally I'd like the existing default-route (with the high distance) to be left alone, but I may not be able to do that (I'm still trying to figure that out).

I am currently using scripts as a work-around to add/del routes, but that's obviously just a work-around.




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That option is no native rp-pppoe option, SuSE provided a patch for that feature in 2014 as far as I found out. I'm still looking for an option avoiding importing it into our repo and solve the issue with a script.

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@dmbaturin I don't have access to push it, please review and apply/reject PR.

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