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Cannot install from ISO via serial console on ttyS1
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Netgate make some appliances that would be perfect VyOS routers, except that it's not possible to install on them. The root problem is that, since the only console is on the second serial port, and VyOS doesn't start a getty on that port, there's no way to interact with the installer once you boot up from the ISO.

See thread

I believe that one change would make this possible: Add a line to the installer's inittab that starts a getty on ttyS1 (in addition to the one on ttyS0).

Another thing that would help a bit would be to add a hint to the grub menus suggesting booting with 'live-console console=ttyS1,115200n8' on these boxes, consistent with the hints for some other hardware.


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Easy (less than an hour)
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Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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How would we treat that all devices?
@dmbaturin proposed to build per device images with customizations required
As @UnicronNL already doing that for ClearFog we just need to agree common way maybe

It should be safe to start a getty on ttyS1 (in addition to the one on ttyS0) for all devices, shouldn't it? Even on devices that don't have a ttyS1 (or even a ttyS0), that shouldn't cause any failures.

Recent dev builds on the current (lithium) branch don't need to be told which port is the console; systemd is able to figure it out, and spawns the correct getty processes.

I haven't tried re-running the installer from a recent ISO images, but it's possible that this now works. (Modulo the related problem described in T169.)

I'll update this bug when I get a chance to test it.

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requires testing with latest rolling

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Reopen it if it sill bug

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