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non inbox drivers for network devices in VyOS
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Asked by syncer on Feb 21 2016, 12:01 AM.


I saw this post on forum

Some problems with driver updating (eg mellanox version comes with vyos is very, very old and have no qinq support), but not critical.

And just wondering, if exists way to maintain HW vendor driver packages(e.g. those which available on vendor web) somehow and which difficulties can be? (I see licensing limitations, and no prebuilt drivers for Debian, etc)


Updated 2,933 Days Ago

Could we direct driver updates through package distribution to be handled by the OS distro?

So that the current port on Debian Squeeze would point back to the Debian Squeeze driver repos and any future ports to a different Linux could just be repointed in the back-end to a different repo.

Updated 2,842 Days Ago

This is again about decision to drop 'install system' mode.

Updated 2,842 Days Ago

Will be implemented via additional repositories and packages

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