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Next Developer Meeting
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Asked by syncer on Jul 17 2017, 10:51 AM.


It's been a while from the last de. meeting as such and it seems that we need to do another one
participation form -

It's about developing project, not only code related


Updated 2,081 Days Ago

I will want to attend if possible.
What is the range of hours that it might happen?
I am at +3 TZ and since I end my days at 01:xx am I am starting it at 11:xx+ so a time range would be great to know.

Updated 2,071 Days Ago

Link to world time clock, so you can see the time in your own timezone:

Updated 2,068 Days Ago

I only found out about the meeting time just after it happened. It according to the linked world clock it happened on my 4am on a weekday. I still might be able to participate if I knew the time in advance.

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