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Remove possibility to specify DHCP relay port
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The IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP relay service implementation supports specifying a listen port to listen for DHCP packets which should be relayed. At the time of this writing only the Linux DHCP client supports requesting an address over a non standard port (UDP 67). Supporting DHCP ports is only useful for debugging but I still don't get the real use-case here.

To get a clean CLI we should remove this option. I have also not found a similar option in Cisco IOS. A migration script is required for this removal.


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I disagree. The option to add additional ports to be forwarded can be really useful to get other than DHCP broadcast traffic between subnets. The Cisco equivalent command would be 'ip forward-protocol udp [port]'

Would 'set service broadcast-relay' be a possibility for that?

Didn't know it existed, yes you are right. Thanks!

@danhusan, @Line2 is right, If you want a generic broadcast forwarder please use service broadcast-relay - that's why I added this feature in VyOS 1.2.

This request deals with service dhcp-relay and service dhcpv6-relay where a non standard port makes no sense as all clients default to the IANA assigned port number.

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