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Dynamic DNS configuration for CUSTOM provider does not add 'server' to ddclient.conf
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After setting up a custom service for ddns updates (set service dns dynamic interface eth1 service custom etc...), logs showed that the authentication failed. After further investigation it appeared that the client was trying to update via dyndns servers and not the server name in the configuration -

Inspecting the /etc/ddclient.conf file showed the configuration parameters:

DynDNS provider configuration for sub.domain.tld


ddclient.conf was missing the following line to tell it to reach out to google domains instead:

After manually adding before the domain name in ddclient.conf, ddns updates work as expected.

I'm not much help on the coding side, but I'm happy to help however I can :-)


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Can you provide your configuration, please?

Did you specify somewhere in the CLI?

I also experienced this problem with a custom ddclient config. Adding server= manually to my config fixed it.

Here is my config:

dynamic {
    interface pppoe0 {
        service custom-duckdns {
            host-name valid.hostname.tld
            login nouser
            password ****************
            protocol dyndns2

Here's what my dynamic dns config looks like:

interface eth1 {
    service custom {
        host-name sub.domain.tld
        login login
        password password
        protocol dyndns2