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Expose Jool's stateless NAT46 feature (SIIT-DC)
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Hi everyone!

I'm in the middle of setting up an IPv6 only network and so far are very impressed by VyOS's capabilities!
Though, I just stumbled upon the fact that Jool's stateless NAT46 (also called SIIT-DC) is not accessible via default VyOS config. I found one mention of it here, but I assume, as the whole integration of Jool is still quite fresh, no one looked at it yet. As far as the docs about it suggest, it seems to require only two commands to get things going. It would be great to have them configurable via VyOS config. As the base functionality is already integrated into VyOS itself, I'll flag this as an improvement, rather than a feature request.

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Viacheslav triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Tue, Jul 9, 7:29 AM
Viacheslav subscribed.

Any idea for CLI?

Any idea for CLI?

As fas as I can see it should be enough to do something along:

set nat46 pool6 2001:db8:46::/96
set nat46 eamt 2001:db8:12:34::1
set nat46 eamt 2001:db8:12:34::2
set nat46 eamt 2001:db8:12:34::3

This follows the example made in the Jool docs at

As this should already cover all variants of SIIT jool is able to provide, this should be enough to configure each of them (by omitting the pool6 setting).

EDIT: It should be possible to make it similar to the existing NAT64 config by introducing a few extra "layers", then it would look as follows:

set nat46 source rule 1 translation pool6 2001:db8:46::/96
set nat46 source rule 1 source eamt 2001:db8:12:34::1
set nat46 source rule 1 source eamt 2001:db8:12:34::2
set nat46 source rule 1 source eamt 2001:db8:12:34::3