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Huawei NE8000 / NE40 / NE20 - GRE Issues (IPv4 over IPv6)
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Hi, folks.

I've tried to make a GRE Tunnel (IPv4 over IPv6) between Huawei Routers such as NE8000 / NE40 or NE20, its doesn't matter which is it or which firmware it runs, it won't work. You can't ping the remote endpoints, neither the endpoints could ping VYOS.

I'm not sure what causes this, it seems to be some padding or something else happening with the packets causing the communication to not work as expected.

This test was using 1.3 and 1.4 builds as well.

In case someone wanna test this, we can help with remote access.


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Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
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please , read the guidelines on this post . it doesn't see a bug if not a support task:

Do you try it with VyOS ? what are configuration applied ?

Hi, Fernando.

I'm not sure if you've fully read what I've explained, but this is a regular GRE (IPv4 over IPv6) Tunnel configured in VYOS and in the Huawei Routers. The communication doesn't works in this specific case. If we do VYOS to VYOS then everything is alright. But VYOS to Huawei is not working at all.

syncer subscribed.

This is a support request

Hi, Syncer.

this is not a support request, we know how to configure tunnels and so on, we're not asking for it.

We're reporting, the tunnel is broken in this specific scenario, do you get it now ?

please, read the guidelines that I shared, the point here if it works with our system , is not error in cli structure o functionality you should open a forum topic or support case (in case you have an active subscription), before opening a task here that is not clear.(without configuration ,debug attached or packet capture)

If you aren't sure what the correct behavior is and if what you see is really a bug, or if you don't have a reproducing procedure that reliably triggers it, please create a post on the forum or ask in the chat first — or, if you have a subscription, create a support ticket. Our team and community members can help you identify and work around the bug and create an actionable and testable bug report.

We do have a procedure to reproduce it.

Once I'm in office, we will configure a test case and show you the used configurations in VYOS and in the Huawei Router NE8000-F1A and the results of it.

Please paste exact VyOS versions you have tested this with incl the config (in full or partial output of show config command | strip-private) of both VyOS and the opposite side.

Would also be interresting if the same config between two of your Huawei boxes works along with two of your VyOS boxes works so you just didnt forget something along the road.

What you currently is saying is that something related to IPv4, IPv6 and GRE doesnt work between VyOS (1.3.7?) and some of your Huawei boxes but there is zero information on how to recreate this for somebody else reading your task.

This gives that noone other than you can help if you got some config error at one or the other end of the link.

Here is the reference config regarding VyOS when it comes to GRE:

Hi, Apachez.

Sure, I will fill this report with the whole picture. At first the used configuration in both devices / ping test between the endpoints via the outer tunnel IPs first then via the inner IPs.

I will make a packet capture between both devices as well. Right now, it seems the VYOS version doesn't matter much, we can use 1.3 or 1.4 and the result is still the same so we will stick with the rolling releases in a test VM, we will setup it from zero just for this specific scenario.

It worth saying that the regular IPv4 GRE Tunneling is working like a charm, there are no issues in this case. This is only related with IPv4 over IPv6 GRE Tunnel functionality.