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RPKI is not configured
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italic textAfter upgrading to 1,4-RC3 RPKI isn;t configured anymore.

show configuration command | match rpki shows:

set protocols rpki cache x.x.x.x port '3323'
set protocols rpki cache x.x.x.x preference '1'

show rpki cache-server outputs nothing and the FRR config has this at the rpki part:


Haven't looked yet why it is gone.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Bug (incorrect behavior)

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This because FRR has this enabled by default so all good here. About the other part I will need to reproduce this. What was the version you upgraded from?

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I can not reproduce the issue while upgrading from VyOS 1.3.5 -> 1.4.0-rc3

Can you please add more context?

I've upgraden from a self built 1.4-202312040739 to 1.4rc3

Before the upgrade RPKI seemed broken but I could start it with executing rpki start from vtysh. But now it seems even though I have the rpki config in my VyOS config, it is not configured in FRR. When I try to start it, it says: rpki start
Could not start rpki because no caches are configured

My config does stil contain the rpki section as shown above.

While typing this, I've remove the RPKI section from my config -> commit -> add it back -> commit -> show rpki-cache-connection -> nothing -> vtysh rpki start -> working -> reboot -> everything gone again.

So it seems like the config isn't restored on reboot somehow.

If we do not have RPKI in configuration, it also tries to start RPKI, is it expected?

Feb 07 16:00:53 r4 vyos-router[3545]: Could not start rpki because no caches are configured
Feb 07 16:07:06 r4 vyos-router[3751]: Could not start rpki because no caches are configured

@roedie I still can not reproduce the issue, can you supply additional info?