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Improvements UDP Broadcast Replay


Currently UDP Broadcast Replay in use does not support much for pushing broadcasts to other network interfaces.

Below is an improved version of UDP Broadcast Replay named udp-proxy-2020.

Has the same functions as udp-broadcast-replay.


Currently there are only a few flags you probaly need to worry about:

--interface -- Specify two or more network interfaces to listen on.
--port -- Specify one or more UDP ports to monitor.
--level -- Specify the log level: [trace|debug|warn|info|error]
Advanced options:

--fixed-ip -- Hardcode an @ to always send traffic to. Useful for things like OpenVPN in site-to-site mode.
--timeout -- Number of ms for pcap timeout value. (default is 250ms)
--cache-ttl -- Number of minutes to cache IPs for. (default is 180min / 3hrs) This value may need to be increased if you have problems passing traffic to clients on OpenVPN tunnels if you can't use --fixed-ip because clients don't have a fixed ip.
--no-listen -- Do not listen on the specified UDP port(s) to avoid conflicts
--deliver-local -- Deliver packets locally on loopback interface
There are other flags of course, run ./udp-proxy-2020 --help for a full list.

Support more network interfaces:
WiFi interfaces which appear as Ethernet
tun interfaces, like those used by OpenVPN
raw interfaces, like those used by Wireguard
vti interfaces for site-to-site IPSec

Note that L2TP VPN tunnels on Linux are not compatible with udp-proxy-2020 because the Linux kernel exposes those as Linux SLL which does not provide an accurate decode of the packets.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible
Issue type
Improvement (missing useful functionality)

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