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Serial console - related code needs to be adjusted from inittab to systemctl
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Tried to make my current production config work with vyos 2.0 code.
The only remaining thing is serial console. Looks like existing code doesn't work with systemd.

console.png (400×720 px, 7 KB)

Looks like there are several different ways to fix it:

  1. Remove inittab-related code at all
  2. Add some euristics (e.g. -f /etc/inittab ....)
  3. Add the code, looking on vyos version and making decision on what to patch, depending on it.

I think, I can fix this problem myself, but I need advice in this decision and someone to test the result.


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Normal (likely a few hours)

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For the jessie branch, we are likely staying with systemd, so systemd-related code will have to be added anyway.
Whether to remove the inittab-related code or not, not sure. I don't think we should implement both right away, but if we leave some room for extending it to support other init systems, it should be fine I think.

If you make a patch for it, it will be appreciated.

About systemd there is another point - if you look into systemd default setup (/lib/systemd/system/[email protected]), you can find that it's default setup is rather clever - it takes advantage from agetty's ability to automatically select console baud rate. But current vyos configuration scheme insists on some fixed baud rate. So, we also have options:

  1. (simple) Remove speed option or ignore it. + allows usage of upstream systemd configuration
  2. Alter systemd configuration to use fixed speed from config.
  3. Modify speed to accept list of possible speeds, e.g.
speed "9600[,38400...]"
syncer lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.May 13 2016, 12:10 PM

for now it is set to fixed speed.
please close if agreed on this.

ps inittab does not exist...