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Override all debian mirror server name in url
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Override all debian mirror server name in url, because the buster list is not affected by cli/toml parameters.

Debian official sources are slow in China, and as I tried, and debian mirrors in China accepts both '/debian/' and '/debian-security/'.

In VyOS 1.4 build system, debian mirrors can be set from:

  • --debian-mirror, --debian-security-mirror, --pbuilder-debian-mirror
  • defaults.toml and build flavors

But there is still a buster.list.chroot with hard coded and

My solution is :

  1. Accept --debian-mirror-server
  2. Replace debian mirror urls (deb|security) to --debian-mirror-server if set
  3. Overwrite buster.list.chroot if --debian-mirror-server is set

My patch:

--- a/scripts/build-vyos-image
+++ b/scripts/build-vyos-image
@@ -146,7 +146,8 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
        'vyos-mirror': ('VyOS package mirror', lambda: build_defaults["vyos_mirror"], None),
        'build-type': ('Build type, release or development', lambda: 'development', lambda x: x in ['release', 'development']),
        'version': ('Version number (release builds only)', None, None),
-       'build-comment': ('Optional build comment', lambda: '', None)
+       'build-comment': ('Optional build comment', lambda: '', None),
+       'debian-mirror-server': ('Replace (deb|security) to debian-mirror-server in all debian mirror settings (e.g.', None, None)
     # Create the option parser
@@ -198,6 +199,22 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
        (args['pbuilder_debian_mirror'] == build_defaults["debian_mirror"]):
         args['pbuilder_debian_mirror'] = args['debian_mirror']
+    # Replace (deb|security) to debian_mirror_server if it's set
+    if args['debian_mirror_server'] is not None:
+        args['debian_mirror'] = re.sub('(deb|security)', args['debian_mirror_server'], args['debian_mirror'])
+        args['debian_security_mirror'] = re.sub('(deb|security)', args['debian_mirror_server'], args['debian_security_mirror'])
+        args['pbuilder_debian_mirror'] = re.sub('(deb|security)', args['debian_mirror_server'], args['pbuilder_debian_mirror'])
+        # overwrite data/live-build-config/archives/buster.list.chroot
+        with open('data/live-build-config/archives/buster.list.chroot', 'w+') as fp:
+            print(
+            buster_repo = """
+deb buster main non-free
+deb buster-updates main non-free
+deb buster/updates main non-free
+            fp.write(re.sub('(deb|security)', args['debian_mirror_server'], buster_repo))
     # Version can only be set for release builds,
     # for dev builds it hardly makes any sense
     if args['build_type'] == 'development':

PR will be send on github later.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Improvement (missing useful functionality)

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Code changed, to override all settings in build_config instead of args from cli only.

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