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Prevent op mode functions from returning bare literals in raw output
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Bare literals like "foo" or null are valid JSON documents, technically. However, all reasonable op mode outputs are either objects or lists. A bare literal is almost certainly caused by a bug or an oversight and is unlikely to be useful for a client.

Op mode functions that return bare literals should cause an internal error to help developers identify such oversights and help users report such issues to developers.


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Internal change (not visible to end users)

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If the script returns nothing, the raw mode returns "". Is this expected behaviour? Should it not be {}?

@erkin this should not be an issue in practice, I believe: it is true that humps decamelize(None) returns "", however the PR here will reject non dict or list values. In practice, if an op-mode script has no data, it will raise an error, for example, DataUnavailable, or should return, say, {}.