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Sflow with vrf configured does not use vrf to validate agent-address IP from vrf-configured interfaces
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Problem description

Enabling sflow in VyOS is fairly simple process per documentation [1].

However, the sflow agent-address setting:

set system flow-accounting sflow agent-address <address>

Which is useful for identifying the system exporting the sflow data at the sflow collector does not allow for using an IP from a interface belonging to a vrf, if vrf is enabled on sflow via

set system flow-accounting vrf <vrf name>

We get a validation error on commit:

Configured "sflow agent-address <IP> " does not exist in the system!

It appears that src/conf_mode/ does not call is_addr_assigned() with the vrf if this has been configured, to which is_addr_assigned() makes use of the default vrf of None.

Obtaining and passing the vrf to is_addr_assigned() appears to solve the issue.

Directly configuring uacctd.conf with the IP from the vrf interface works just fine.

  1. Steps to reproduce:
  2. Create VRF, put interface in vrf, add IP address to interface
  3. Setup flow-accounting with sflow
set system flow-accounting buffer-size 64
set system flow-accounting disable-imt
set system flow-accounting vrf <vrf name> 
set system flow-accounting interface <interface name>
set system flow-accounting sflow agent-address <IP from vrf/interface>
set system flow-accounting sflow sampling-rate 100
set system flow-accounting sflow server <sflow collector IP>  port 6343

Commit and see error described above
Using an IP from non-vrf interface works but may not be the best describing IP for the sflow agent.



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Why the issue appeared?
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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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Tested locally and receive sflow with agent IP of the configured ip/interface/vrf.