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FRR: upgrade to stable/8.3 version
Closed, ResolvedPublicFEATURE REQUEST




  • Add camelcase json keys in addition to pascalcase (Wrong JSON keys will be depracated)
  • Fix corruption when route-map delete/add sequence happens (fast re-add)
  • Reworked gRPC
  • RFC5424 & journald extended syslog target


  • Fix broken FSM in active/passive modes


  • Notification Message Support for BGP Graceful Restart (rfc8538)
  • BGP Cease Notification Subcode For BFD
  • Send Hold Timer for BGP (own implementation without an additional knob)
  • New set as-path replace command for BGP route-map
  • New match peer command for BGP route-map
  • New ead-es-frag evi-limit command for EVPN
  • New match evpn route-type command for EVPN route-map to match Type-1/Type-4
  • JSON outputs for all RPKI show commands
  • Set attributes via route-map for BGP conditional advertisements
  • Pass non-transitive extended communities between RS and RS-clients
  • Send MED attribute when aggregate prefix is created
  • Require librtr >= 0.8.0 for RPKI to fix connection handling (failover)
  • Fix aspath memory leak in aggr_suppress_map_test
  • Fix crash for show ip bgp vrf all all neighbors ...
  • Fix crash for show ip bgp vrf all all
  • Fix memory leak for BGP Community Alias in CLI
  • Fix memory leak when setting BGP community at egress
  • Fix memory leak when setting BGP large-community at egress
  • Fix SR color nexthop processing in BGP
  • Fix setting local-preference in route-map using +/-
  • Fix crash using Lua and route-map to set attributes via scripts
  • Fix crash when issuing various forms of bgp no-rib


  • JSON output for show summary command
  • Fix crash when MTU mismatch occurs
  • Fix crash with xfrm interface type
  • Fix infinite loop when parsing LSPs
  • Fix router capability TLV parsing issues


  • New show thread timers command


  • Add LSA statistics to LSA database
  • Add LSA stats to show area json output
  • Show time left in hello timer for show ipv6 ospf6 int
  • Permit route deletion without nexthops
  • Restart SPF when distance is updated
  • Stop refreshing Type-5 from NSSA
  • Support keychain for ospf6 authentication


  • New show ip ospf reachable-routers command
  • Restart SPF when distance is updated
  • Use consistent JSON keys for show ip ospf neighbor and detail version


  • Add additional IGMP stats
  • Add IGMP join sent/failed statistics
  • Add IGMP total groups and total source groups to statistics
  • New debug igmp trace detail command
  • New ip pim passive command
  • JSON support added for command show ip igmp sources
  • Allow the LPM match work properly with prefix lists and normal RP's
  • Do not allow range in IGMP join
  • Fix IGMP packet/query check
  • Handle PIM join/prune receive flow for IPv6
  • Handle receive of (*,G) register stop with source address as 0
  • Handle of exclude mode IGMPv3 report messages for SSM-aware group
  • Handle of IGMPv2 report message for SSM-aware group range
  • Send immediate join with possible sg rpt prune bit set
  • Show group-type under show ip pim rp-info
  • Show total received messages IGMP stats


  • Capture zebra's advertised ECMP limit
  • Don't register existing nexthop to Zebra
  • Reject route config with too many nexthops
  • Track nexthops per-safi


  • Add some more information to show watchfrr
  • Send operational state to systemd


  • Add ability to know when FRR is not ASIC offloaded
  • Add command for setting protodown bit
  • Add dplane type for netconf data
  • Add ECMP supported to show zebra
  • Add EVPN status to show zebra
  • Add if v4/v6 forwarding is turned on/off to show zebra
  • Add initial zebra tracepoint support
  • Add kernel nexthop group support to show zebra
  • Add knowledge about ra and rfc 5549 to show zebra
  • Add mpls status to show zebra
  • Add netlink debug dump for netconf messages
  • Add netlink debugs for ip rules
  • Add OS and version to show zebra
  • Add support for end.dt4
  • Add to show zebra the type of vrf devices being used
  • Allow *BSD to specify a receive buffer size
  • Allow multiple connected routes to be choosen for kernel routes
  • Allow system routes to recurse through themselves
  • Don't send RAs w/o link-local v6 or on bridge-ports
  • Evpn disable remove l2vni from l3vni list
  • Evpn-mh bonds protodown check for set
  • Evpn-mh use protodown update reason api
  • Fix cleanup of meta queues on vrf disable
  • Fix crash in evpn neigh cleanup all
  • Fix missing delete vtep during vni transition
  • Fix missing vrf change of l2vni on vxlan interface
  • Fix rtadv startup when config read in is before interface up
  • Fix use after deletion event in FreeBSD
  • Fix v6 route replace failure turned into success
  • Get zebra graceful restart working when restarting on *BSD
  • Handle FreeBSD routing socket enobufs
  • Handle protodown netlink for vxlan device
  • Include mpls enabled status in interface output
  • Include old reason in evpn-mh bond update
  • Keep the interface flags safe on multiple ioctl calls
  • Let /32 host route with same ip cross vrf
  • Make router advertisement warnings show up once every 6 hours
  • Prevent crash if zebra_route_all is used for a route type
  • Prevent installation of connected multiple times
  • Protodown-up event trigger interface up
  • Register nht nexthops with proper safi
  • Update advertise-svi-ip macips w/ new mac
  • When handling unprocessed messages from kernel print usable string
  • New show ip nht mrib command
  • Handle ENOBUFS errors for FreeBSD


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Config syntax change (migratable)
Issue type
Improvement (missing useful functionality)

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