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smp-affinity required by some platforms but doesn't exists in the CLI
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SMP-affinity was dropped in T3048 commit
But in some platforms (for example XEN, XCP-NG) that cause that all IRQs bind to a single CPU core

vyos@rxen:~$ sudo cat /proc/interrupts 
            CPU0       CPU1       

  61:          1          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     hvc_console
  62:         33          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif0-q0-tx
  63:         19          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif0-q0-rx
  64:          9          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif0-q1-tx
  65:          6          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif0-q1-rx
  66:       3001          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     blkif
  67:         53          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif1-q0-tx
  68:       3528          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif1-q0-rx
  69:       5145          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif1-q1-tx
  70:       2664          0  xen-dyn-lateeoi     -event     vif1-q1-rx

To work around it download the script irq-affinity from 1.2 and execute it manually

sudo wget -O /config/scripts/
sudo perl /config/scripts/ eth0 auto

1.2 Because it contains CPU detection code for "XEN"

Maybe we should return CLI set interface ethernet ethX smp-affinity auto as an option

One question is should we use old Perl code or rewrite it to Python.


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
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