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Telegraf configuration doesn't accept IPs for URL
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The new Telegraf configuration in 1.3.1 has invalid regex for the url field that does not accept IP addresses.

My custom telegraf config that I am trying to migrate from has urls = [""] which is fully functional and accepted by Telegraf, but the regex for the new configuration does not accept IP addresses and only accepts domain names.

Invalid regex is viewable here:


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Perfectly compatible
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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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After some testing in regex101, it seems like a good replacement regex would be ^(http:\/\/|https:\/\/)?[a-z0-9]+(?:[\-\.]{1}[a-z0-9]+)*(\/.*)?$ but I'm not well versed enough to build an image off of my own branch to test that, and I can't figure out how to modify the installed version to use the new regex to test.

If anyone can point me to a guide for running the docker build against a fork of the repo I'd be happy to test it, otherwise I'm not sure how to test the fix.

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