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Add binaries for lcdproc
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Consider adding the lcdproc package to the base installation. VyOs is a great option for re-purposed older hardware firewall appliances like Watchguard Fireboxes, etc.. These machines typically have a front-facing LCD screen, sometimes with a keypad. Having support for LCDs would make VyOS that much more desirable for new users.

FWIW, the discussion threads for these appliances on the pfSense forum (including enabling the LCDs) attract hundreds of posts, and many thousands of reads. This seems like something people REALLY want to make work. There is something inherently attractive to the idea of running a firewall distribution on a purpose-made machine after it makes it's way out of a data center and into private hands.

Currently, the lcdproc package has to be installed in VyOS from the Debian packages. Then, a config file has to be created with the right driver and options. Last, the LCDd server and (one or more) clients have to be started as well. Other steps have to be taken to redo this after a restart.

A further step would be to integrate this whole setup within the VyOS command line for a complete integration.

Thanks for considering it.


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Is there any possibility to test this functionality in some kind of virtualized environment? Or the developer has to own an appliance with lcd screen to check this things?

Virtualization would work fine. The daemon/server LCDd is just code, and can be configured to run a nCurses "driver". Some other drivers only do parallel port stuff so would do nothing in a virtual environment. Other drivers do serial port and I suppose the data stream could be monitored. The clients (lcdproc, lcdexec, etc) are just programs that push data to LCDd over TCP.

So, how would an extension like this work?

  • The lcdproc package has to be baked into the base image and is distributed in all copies of VyOS going forward. The command line is supplemented with the necessary nodes and config files to offer a convenient way to manage the LCD


  • A Debian-type integration package has to be created. It is basically a script that supplements the command line by adding the necessary nodes and config files. This new package lists "lcdproc" as one of its dependencies. This new optional package is maintained and distributed by VyOS.

Thanks for any input.

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binaries (lcdproc, lcdproc-extra-drivers) added to rolling releases.

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