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NAT rule applies to networks behind ipsec
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Daniil we had issue described in subject on vyos installation

  • VyOS with public network, internal network, ipsec network(far end)
  • several DNAT rules from public ip to internal network hosts(like FTP and WEB)

When host from ipsec network(far end) try to access any port which is used in DNAT it will be always forwarded to DNAT destination host, even if explicitly used ip address from internal network range


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Hard (possibly days)
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Will be filled on close

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recap from irc: one fix would be to negate the vpn-subnet in the source part of your dnat rule.

@EwaldvanGeffen real setup now inactive, i will try to recreate similar setup

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It's a classic issue. You need to create rules with "exclude" option for such networks.

The question is where is the line between sensible defaults and trying to outsmart the user. Some people want their traffic to be NATed before IPsec kicks in, for example to fix subnet conflicts, or make a fixup for double NAT.

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